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Dancing through life


„Dancing is an experience of incredible, almost absolute sense of freedom“
– Isadora Duncan –

Dancing Through Your Life means to me turning every move into something that feels like a dance. It means being responsible to bring dance into life as the medicine to stay happy, calm, relaxed, and healthy – just centered in life, in the personal balance.

The importance of dancing is to be wired to move.

Movement is the body’s medicine that strengthens and heals. It develops the brain and the body and it is completely organic and natural.

Discovering the Dance

Every body can dance. It depends on the definition. To me dancing is just movement to the music. No matter if the music comes from outside or it is inside you!

Thinking about dance as moving in your own way and in your own time, it changes to something you do to keep your body, mind, emotions, and spirit alert, agile, strong, flexible, mobile and stable.

Whether it’s dealing with depression, self-esteem, stress, weight loss or anxiety, brief bursts of dance act like time released capsules of pleasure to make you instantly feel better, look younger and be more creative.

My effort is to finde the correct movement for the individual and create Dance-Breaks easy to integrate in the daily routines. I work with techniques as nia, yoga, qigong, mediation and of course different dance-techniques.

Taking a Dance-Break

By taking as little as sixty seconds throughout the day to create moments of full-blown unscripted dance breaks you can benefit from the medicine of movement or just take a break for yourself. My wish is to teach you how to lose yourself completely in the dance. My recommendation is:

  • No matter where you are, get up and dance full out. At least sixty seconds could work wonder!
  • If you have access to music,  put on your favorite tune and let rip for the entire song.
  • Take every opportunity to use your dancing as medicine!
  • Dance using every part of your body, even your voice.
  • Don’t think, just move.
  • Affirm the changes you feel after dancing by letting the body know you have received the gifts of moving by saying.
  • Invite others to take dance breaks with you and consciously dance to shift energy in and around you.

I look forward to dance with you!

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About me

My first time dancing on stage was at the age of seven. My career as a dancer in Germany’s representative in the Bundeskader B / A of the DTV in the DSB was honored with successes like:

  • Winner of Central European Championship
  • German rankings first
  • IDSF World rankings 16th 

Later on, I learned and made many „mindful“ and „important“ things in my life. I worked for more than ten years for Germany’s largest musical producer in Hamburg and Berlin. Lastly as a Public Relations Manager for the Theater am Potsdamer Platz (Berlinale Palace) in Berlin. 

Before moving into the marketing sector, I did freelance work as the translator. My biggest purchaser was SAP. The software concern occasionally uses my services to this day.

After our son was born 2012 my husband an me founded a small company supporting unique business models by providing coaching,  contacts, networks as well as financial and other resources, which I’m still working for.

However – During the whole time I remained faithful to the dance studying new movement and relaxation techniques in my free time and sharing it with others by teaching.