Honoring Your Body Through Breath

We all start with different physical parameters that define our range of motion, flexibility and points of strength:

  • different body types and shapes,
  • different needs,
  • different ways of speaking through our bodies,
  • different movement philosophies.

If you honor your parameters and work with your body type respecting its limitations and appreciating its possibilities, you will change faster with less risk of hurting yourself. If you respect your own special needs and evocation of movement, they will help to guide you on a safe and sure path to where you ultimately want to be.

When we use the right kind of language to connect to body and mind, we can breathe better, move better, feel better and look better.

Nia Technique – How to breath:

Use your imagination and connection to physical sensation to guide your body and breathing and activate your unique spirit:

  • As you inhale deeply, feel your ribs expanding to the sides of the room, gently touching the walls. At the same time, experience and visualize the lengthening of your spine as if it were an elegant tree expanding high into the sky.
  • As you breathe, let your breath trigger subtle movements along your spine and in your pelvis. Respond with the different parts of your body – your spine, pelvis, chest, and head – to feel the breath moving through you. Feel the connectedness.
  • As you inhale and exhale, extend the length of your exhale as if it were the last note of a  song. Notice how the inhale happens naturally, without effort. Increase the length of the exhale by making sounds or tones. Feel the stretch from inside the core of your body and feel your abdominal muscles working as you exhale for this extended period of time. Energetically ride on the sounds and musical tones.
  • Breathe and sense the air inside you like hands massaging your internal organs and bones. Receive the healing energy of loving breath touching you.
  • Breathe in as if you were smelling your favorite fragrance. Allow the scent to filter slowly in you.
  • Exhale and let go of any energy and emotions that keep you from being fully present, alive and open to this moment. Feel the spaces between joints opening, making more room to move and express yourself.
  • Take in energy as you inhale and release energy, all of it, as you exhale. Be aware that every time you inhale you are receiving clean, fresh oxygen.
  • Visualize your breath as having a color. As you inhale, visualize the color of your breath filling your entire chest, horizontally and vertically. Sense your clavicles being pushed gently by the color.
  • As your lungs expand and contract with your inhalations and exhalations, visualize your ribs moving like an accordion that opens and closes to make music. The accordion closes on the exhale and opens on the inhale. Enjoy the sensation of stretching from the inside out.
  • Imagine the core of your body is a rosebud. As you inhale, it opens fully and you can smell the fragrance. As you exhale, the rosebud closes slowly and you feel its petals closing around your heart. You are relaxed. Exhale and surrender into relaxation.

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