Welcome to BalanceRoom®


Movements are as eloquent as words

The best way to stop your mind
is to move your body
Love your body
love your life
Your body is
always right
Listen to your body
it’s talking to you

Move with us

We are your experts for the easy way of fitness:

for the body, with the body

and in perfect harmony between body mind and soul.

We work with techniques as dance, nia, yoga, pilates, qigong, meditation, breathing and laughing.

We believe that all but impossible can happen at any time to any one.

We know that the body knows better than we know

and we pay attention to it’s voice.


Come as you are

3. – 9. Juni 2018

Mallorca Balance Retreat


– only 2 places left! –


The Body says, what words cannot

so follow your


„We all have the power to be happy under all circumstances“

How to be you

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